How to Budget for a Hen Party

Hen Party Budgeting

Navigating the costs involved in planning a hen party can be a challenge… so that's where our guide on hen party budgeting comes in!

We'll show you how to budget for a hen party without skimping on the fun. With our effective tips and strategies, you can organise a fabulous night out (or in) that won't leave you penniless, so whether you're planning a low-key gathering or a grand celebration, our advice will help you keep your finances in check. Don't let budgeting woes dampen your party spirit - get ready to plan a hen party that ticks all the boxes without ticking off your bank balance!

What is the Average Hen Party Budget?

When planning the bride’s last weekend of freedom, one of the first questions you might ask is, "What is the average hen party budget?" After all, it's a crucial starting point to ensure you're not overspending! According to a recent study, the average cost per person for a hen party in the UK was £779 and £1208 for an overseas celebration (Aviva). However, it’s important to remember that this figure will be based heavily on your hen party guestlist and how many people you invite. Remember, the larger the group, the higher the average cost per person and vice-versa for those of you who only plan on hosting a small get-together for the bride-to-be.

Hen Do Budget Checklist

From accommodation to fancy dress, we’ve put together a super-handy hen party budgeting checklist that covers all aspects of your event. So, whether you're a first-time planner or a seasoned pro, this checklist is the secret weapon you need for a successful celebration no matter what your plans are.

Hen Party Hen Party Accommodation on a Budget

The first priority you should look at when sorting out the hen party budget is accommodation, as it’s highly likely that this will take up a big chunk of your budget, regardless of where you stay.

If you’re staying in a city in the UK, there are options to suit every budget and style, from budget hotels that cost an average of £50-£80 per night to mid-range hotels which typically cost around £80-£150 per night and luxury hotels that can start from £150 per night.

Whether you opt for a cosy budget hotel or a lavish luxury stay, remember that the right accommodation can set the tone for your entire event. For example, if you plan on hosting mobile activities at your accommodation, then you might want to consider somewhere with more space such as a party house or apartment. However, it’s crucial to bear in mind that these often come with a much higher price tag than hotel rooms.

Hen Party Hen Party Activities on a Budget

The next crucial aspect to consider when it comes to budgeting for a hen party is activities. Arguably the second most expensive aspect of planning a final weekend of freedom, it’s important to try and strike a balance between booking activities that the bride and the rest of the hens will enjoy whilst making sure that what you book doesn’t leave the girls completely out of pocket.

According to Aviva, the average cost of activities is around £116 per person, but as it is with accommodation, this price tag can depend heavily on how big your group size is. If you’re completely unsure, then it would be worth checking in with the other girls to see what everyone fancies doing and how much everyone is willing to spend.

Hen Party Transport on a Budget

A crucial element in your hen party budget, transport costs encompass two main aspects: reaching your hen party destination and getting around once you're there. Initial travel expenses, such as flights or trains, are unavoidable but can be managed effectively. Booking far in advance, using discount codes or loyalty schemes like RailCards, can significantly reduce these costs.

Once you've reached your destination, it's essential to consider local transport. Do some research ahead of time to understand the proximity of your accommodation to planned activities and nightlife - For example, if distances are short, walking could be a free and healthy option!

Also, check if services like Uber or an efficient public transport network are available in the area. Planning your transport in advance not only helps manage costs but also ensures a smoother, stress-free experience during the hen party.

Hen Party Food & Drink on a Budget

Another crucial aspect of budgeting for a hen party is food and drink. Unsurprisingly, dining out at restaurants and enjoying drinks at bars and nightclubs can significantly contribute to your overall budget. However, this cost can vary greatly depending on the location of your hen party and what venues you choose to go to for a bite to eat and a few cocktails.

For example, cities such as London are notoriously expensive for dining and drinking, while others like Birmingham and Liverpool typically offer more affordable options. However, there are clever ways to keep these costs in check without compromising on the fun. One way you can easily do this is by hosting pre-drinks at your accommodation, which can be a cost-effective and enjoyable way to start the evening.

Additionally, consider buying food in and hosting a meal at your accommodation on at least one of the nights during your stay. Not only will this save you a bit of money, but it also provides a more intimate setting for everyone to socialise.

Hen Party Themes and Fancy Dress on a Budget

A well-chosen theme can add a unique flair to a hen do, turning it into an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. However, creating that perfect atmosphere involves sourcing fancy dress outfits, props and other themed items, all of which can add significantly to your budget.

On average, the cost per person for arranging a hen party theme is around £100, so whether you're planning a 1920s flapper party, a tropical luau, or a disco-themed event, it’s important to remember that creativity doesn't have to be costly! With a bit of savvy shopping and imaginative DIY, you can complete a fantastic hen party theme that won't break the bank, potentially freeing up your budget for other aspects of the celebration.

Hen Party Decorations & Accessories on a Budget

Whilst hen party accessories and accessories aren't strictly necessary, if you've opted for a themed celebration, these elements can elevate your party to the next level, tying together the theme with your fancy dress outfits.

Remember, even simple decorations can transform your venue, setting the mood and creating an immersive experience. Plus, there's no need to splurge excessively on these items, as party stores and online retailers like Amazon offer a great range of affordable hen party decorations and accessories that can perfectly complement your chosen theme.

Hen Party Hangover Kits & Hen Party Bags on a Budget

Probably one of the easiest and most inexpensive parts of budgeting for a hen party is hangover kits and hen party bags. With a bit of creativity, you can put together inexpensive yet effective hangover kits and party bags for each of the attendees with essential items such as chewing gum, energy drinks, plasters, and even a few snacks, which can all be bought cheaply in bulk.

These kits not only show your care for the girls but also ensure everyone is prepared for the festivities ahead and the morning after. Remember, it's not about the price tag on these items, but the thought and effort you put into creating them that will be most appreciated.

Budgeting for The Bride

Of course, there’s one crucial part of budgeting for a hen party that we simply can’t ignore, and that’s the bride-to-be! Ultimately, she is the star of the show and the most crucial factor to consider during all stages of planning, and that includes budgeting!

A wonderful way to make her feel special is to consider gifting her something memorable during the hen party. But remember, this doesn't have to be an expensive endeavour! Attendees can either opt for individual, thoughtful presents or, if budgeting is a concern, everyone can chip in for one larger, meaningful gift.

This shared gift could be something that the bride cherishes, adding an extra layer of sentiment to the occasion. Remember, it's not the cost of the gift that matters, but the love and thought behind it that truly counts!


To conclude, let's quickly summarise the key points we've covered in planning a budget-friendly, yet unforgettable hen party:

Accommodation: Select a comfortable and cost-effective place to stay. Remember, early booking and group discounts can provide significant savings.

Activities: Plan engaging activities that suit the bride's interests and the group's budget. Free or low-cost activities can be just as fun!

Transport: Consider both travel to the destination and local transport. Book early, use discounts, and research local transport options to keep costs down.

Food and Drink: Choose places to eat and drink that offer good value for money without compromising on quality or enjoyment. Consider self-catering to save costs.

Themes & Fancy Dress: If you decide on a theme, fancy dress can add an extra layer of fun. Affordable options are available online or at second-hand shops.

Decorations & Accessories: These aren't necessary unless you're hosting a themed party. If you do opt for a theme, affordable decorations can enhance the atmosphere.

Hangover Kits: A thoughtful touch to help guests recover. These can be homemade with inexpensive items that will be greatly appreciated the morning after.

The Bride: The most important person to consider. A small gift from the attendees, either individual or collective, can make her feel extra special.

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