Fun Hen Party Games

Fun Hen Party Games

Your final night of freedom is not complete without fun hen do games! There are a wide variety of entertaining hen do game ideas that are the perfect ice-breaker, sure to get everyone involved.

Hen party games have become a popular addition to the weekend celebrations. These games will definitely get the girls thinking as they play lighthearted challenges that are sure to get them bonding. Whether you're searching for fun classy games or hilarious drinking games, there is something to suit every hen group. 

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1. Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

A fun hen party game idea that can get everyone involved is the toilet paper wedding dress activity. The game starts with the hens splitting into teams, in which they must nominate one member to be the bride. Each group has 10 minutes to create the best dress they can with the materials given. The bride-to-be will pick the best dress and the winners will receive a prize!

2. Prosecco Pong

Split the hens into teams and place six cups at each end in a triangle shape. Fill the cups up about half full of prosecco before you start the game. You and the girls must take turns throwing the ping pong ball in your opponent's drinks. If the ball lands in one of the drinks, the other team must drink it all. Keep playing until the team's glasses are all empty! 

3. Mr & Mrs Quiz 

The Mr & Mrs quiz starts off with one of the hens asking the groom a list of questions before the hen night. On the hen night the girls will ask the bride the same questions they asked the groom. Once she has finished, they will compare the bride and groom’s answers to see how many they got the same!  

4. How Well Do You Know The Bride?

An easy but fun hen party game to play if you think you know the bride the best. One of the hens must write down a list of questions which you can do with the bride-to-be. On the hen night, the bride must read out the questions, which the girls will then write down their answers on a piece of paper. The bride will go through the answers at the end and the hen with the most points wins!

5. Never Have I Ever

A fun hen party drinking game is never have I ever! This game involves alcohol and confessions, where each girl must say a never have I ever question e.g. Never have I ever sent an embarrassing text to an ex. If this is something you have done, you must take a sip of your drink!

6. Pin The Penis 

A hilarious and naughty hen do game where you and the girls must each be blind folded and will pin the penis onto a poster featuring a hunky male. Whoever pins the penis closest to the target wins!

7. Naughty Bingo 

Naughty bingo is an extremely fun game for a hen do if you’re up for some dares. This activity is a printable game which you can take with you on the hen night. There are several daring challenges that you must complete throughout the night e.g. Dance on a table for 20 seconds. Whoever completes them first must shout “Bingo” to win!

8. Guess The Dress 

For this exciting game, each of the hens will need a piece of paper and a pencil. They must each sketch out what they think the bride-to-be's wedding dress will look like. This activity is relaxing, perfect for older brides which allows the hens to unleash their creative side. The bride can either leave the girls guessing or pick her top three favourite designs!  

9. Flip Cup 

For this activity, you’ll need to use a table which you will line up two rows of cups. Fill the cups halfway with the drink of your choice. Split into two teams, the first player on each team must down their drink, place the cup on the edge of the table upside down and flip it until it lands facing the right way up. Then it’s the next person’s turn and so on. Once all the cups have been flipped, the team to do first wins.

10. Drunk Jenga 

For this game you will need the Jenga game, in which you will then write dares and rules on each piece. You and the girls will then play a normal game of Jenga and must complete the dare or rule given!

11. Fuzzy Duck  

This game begins with someone starting by saying “fuzzy duck”, the next person may say the same or they can say “does he” which you then must continue the game but go in the opposite direction. The next person must say “ducky fuzz” until someone gets the words wrong and must drink!

12. Roxanne 

Split into two teams, one group will be called ‘Roxanne’ and the other ‘Red Light’. Play the song ‘Roxanne-The Police’ and when you hear your team's name you must drink!

13. True Or False 

Before the hen weekend, one of the hens must write some funny stories about the bride that are all true. On the hen do, each hen will be given a copy of all the embarrassing stories and must write either true or false. The best part is all the stories will be true!

14. Pass The Parcel 

You can make your pass the parcel game as creative as you wish. Depending on the type of hen party you are throwing, you can add gifts, dares, challenges to each parcel to make it as fun as you like. It is a brilliant ice breaker that is sure to get everyone involved!    

15. Hen Party Scavenger Hunt  

A fun hen party game idea is a printable scavenger hunt. On the hen night, you’ll complete different challenges e.g. Get a free drink off someone. You will need photo evidence for each challenge that you complete. Whoever completes the most challenges by the end of the night will win!

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Hen Party Scavenger Hunt

16. Two Truths & A Lie  

In turns, each hen must say to the group two truths about themselves and a lie. The group must then decide which is the lie. If they get the answer right, you must take a shot, whereas if they get it wrong, they all must take a shot.

17. Advice For The Bride  

Advice for the bride and guess the dress are essential for your final night of freedom. Each hen must write advice for the bride which she will then read out to the group. This is a perfect classy hen do game offering heartfelt keepsake gifts for her to cherish. 

18. Don't Say A Word 

Before the hen night, the bride or one of her hens must write a list of banned words. On the night, the hens will be shown which words they are banned from using. If one of the girls says a banned word, they must take a shot!

19. Bridal Pinata  

For this brilliant activity, one of the hens must buy a pinata which they will then fill with dares, sweets and advice for the bride. On the night, each hen party guest must hit the pinata blindfolded until everything falls out. If you pick up a dare you must complete it, whereas if you pick up advice, you must give it to the bride to keep.  

20. Pass the Balloon 

This competitive hen party game is the perfect way to break the ice among the group. Divided into two teams, each team will be given a balloon, and the girls must stand in a line. The hens at the front will start the game with the balloon between their knees but remember you without bursting it or dropping it. The first team to pass the balloon to all the players wins! 

21. Guess the Celebrity Couple 

Start this game off by printing photos of celebrity couples. You don’t want to make it too easy so show a small portion of their face for them to guess. The person who guesses the most correct couples wins.  

22. The Knicker Game 

Each of the girls must bring along a pair of knickers to the hen do that represents their personality. The knickers will be put in a box and the bride must match the knickers to the person. It’s a hilarious game that will test the bride's knowledge of how well she knows you.

23. Cocktail Creations 

Get ready girls to get creative as you become the bartender tonight in the ultimate cocktail challenge. This is sure to spark some competitiveness as the taste and presentation must be 10/10. The bride-to-be will crown the best cocktail as the winner!

24. Find the Ring 

One of the hens or the bride must hide some plastic rings around your chosen location. This activity works best if you are at home as you know where the best hiding spots are. The hens will only have a limited amount of time to find the plastic rings and once they return, the hen with the most rings wins.  

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