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The Best Hen Games to Play

Welcome to our ultimate collection of Hen Party Games! This page is your one-stop destination for the most entertaining, hilarious and unforgettable games to make your hen party absolutely memorable. We provide detailed instructions for each game, ensuring your event is filled with laughter and fun. So, let's get the party started with these irresistible Hen Party Games!

Our Favourite Games for Hen Parties

A truly unforgettable hen party is never complete without fun hen party games to kick-start the celebrations, bringing everyone together. We've created a list of hen do games that promise plenty of fun and laughter that will be cherished forever.

1. Mr & Mrs Questions

Have the groom-to-be answer a series of questions about his fiancée and their relationship. The bride-to-be will be asked the questions from the list at the hen do. Will her answers match her fiancé's, or will they be completely different?

2. How Well Do You Know the Bride?

Either someone close to the bride or the bride herself must create a list of questions about her. The bride reads out the questions and everyone writes down their answers. Then, the bride reveals her answers, and you will see who knows her best!

3. Naughty Hen Do Bingo

Everybody loves a bit of Bingo! So, when you and the girls embark on your big night out, why not spice things up a little bit by bringing along some naughty hen do bingo cards? The rules of the game are simple:

1. Print bingo cards and cut out 25 challenges before the party

2. Bring cards and challenges to the bars on the hen night

3. Draw challenges from a bag during the night

4. Bride marks off drawn challenges

5. Shout "Bingo!" when a line is completed to end the challenges

4. Hen Party Scavenger Hunt

Our printable scavenger hunts are the perfect hen party game! Snap photos, hunt for items and earn points along the way. Split into teams, complete tasks worth different point values, and strive to be the top-scoring team by the end of the night.

5. Would You Rather

Take turns presenting each other with two scenarios and the person must choose which they would rather have. For instance, would you rather have all your exes show up at your wedding or have all their exes show up? It's all about making tough choices and revealing to the group what you would rather happen!

6. Pin the Penis

In this hilariously rude hen party game, each girl must take turns being blindfolded and then spun around. They must then attempt to pin the penis onto the target on the hunky male poster. The penis closest to the target wins!

7. Prosecco Pong

Divide the girls into two teams and set up six cups half full of prosecco at each end of the table in a triangle formation. Take turns throwing a ping pong ball into the opposing team's cups. If the ball lands in a cup, a member of the opposing team must drink its contents. Keep playing until one team's cups are empty!

8. Truth or Dare

Sit in a circle and have each girl take turns choosing between "truth" or "dare." If they choose truth, ask them a question they must answer honestly, like "Who was your first kiss?". If they choose dare, they must complete a challenge you give them, such as "Prank call a random phone number".

9. Balloon Pass

In this brilliant game, you must start by dividing into teams and forming a line. The teams must then pass the balloon through each person's thighs, using only their legs, and reach the end of the line as quickly as possible. The team that completes the challenge the fastest wins!

10. Advice for the Bride

Gather the girls together and have each one write down their heartfelt advice and touching words for the bride. Then, take turns reading them out loud to the group. The bride can cherish these precious messages as keepsakes from her special day.

Hen Party Ice Breaker Games

Setting the right tone for your celebration is crucial, and what better way to do that than with some hilarious hen party ice breaker games? These games are designed to break any initial awkwardness there might be in the group, bring people together and set a lively mood for the rest of the party.

The Introduction Game: A classic way to break the ice is to have each guest introduce themselves and share their connection with the bride-to-be. But let's spice it up slightly! Encourage everyone to add a fun fact or even spill the beans on an embarrassing story. It's the perfect way for everyone to get to know each other!

Mr & Mrs Quiz: Put your friend's knowledge of the bride and groom to the test with a fun game! Prepare a list of questions about the couple and see who knows them best. Whoever gets the most answers correct, will be crowned the winner!

Never Have I Ever: Ready for a game that will have everyone laughing and spilling secrets? Start with each person taking turns sharing something they've never done, and anyone who has done it takes a drink. Get ready for some hilarious revelations and lots of sips!

Dress the Bride: Split the girls into teams and let the bride be the judge. Each team chooses a member to act as the bride. They have 10 minutes to create the best dress using the given materials. The bride scores each team out of 10 and a winner is crowned!

Pin the Tail on the Male: How about a playful twist on a classic game? Each girl will take it in turn to be blindfolded and will compete to pin a "tail" on a poster of a hunk. Get ready for laughter and excitement as your friends try their luck at finding the right spot.

Story Time: Each girl must write down a funny or embarrassing story about the bride. Then, gather everyone together as the stories are read aloud. The fun part? Everyone gets to guess who wrote each story!

Hen Party Drinking Games

If you’re planning a wild hen party, then start the celebrations right with some exciting drinking games that are guaranteed to get the party started. We have created a list of fantastic hen do party games that are sure to be a hit. Brace yourself for an unforgettable night with the girls filled with non-stop fun.

1. Who’s Most Likely To…

Round up your squad and get ready for a fun and revealing game! Gather the girls in a circle and take turns asking questions like, "Who's most likely to text their ex while drunk?". Everyone must point at the person they think fits the description, and then they must take a drink!

2. Pub Golf

Put on your fancy golf attire and get ready for a unique pub crawl! Choose between a 9-hole course or an 18-hole course. Each pub represents a hole, and the par will be the number of sips that are required for you to finish the drink. For instance, if hole 2 has a par of 5, you'll need to finish your drink in 5 sips.

3. Two Truths & a Lie

In this game, each person takes turns sharing two truths and one lie. The rest of the group must guess which statement is the lie. If they guess correctly, the liar drinks, but if they're incorrect, they must take a sip themselves.

4. Beer Pong

Divide the girls into teams and set up six cups half filled with alcohol at each end of the table. Take turns throwing a ping pong ball into the opposing team's cups. If the ball lands in a cup, someone from the other team must drink it. Keep playing until one team clears their cups!

5. Drunk Jenga

To play this game, get a Jenga set and assign challenges to each piece. Stack the Jenga pieces in rows of 3 without knocking down the tower. Take turns pulling out a piece and completing the challenge or answering the question written on it! If you knock down the tower, you must down your drink!

6. Flip Cup

Divide into two teams and line up on opposite sides of the table. Each person places a half-filled cup in front of them. The game starts with the first person from each team downing their drink and flipping the cup upside down. Then, the next person goes and so on. The team that gets the last person to successfully flip the cup wins.

Hen Party Card Games

Looking to kick off your hen do with some fun and laughter? Try these card games with a boozy twist! They're the perfect way to bring everyone together and enjoy some drinks while having a blast.

1. Cards Against Humanity

In each round, players draw 10 cards and one player becomes the Card Czar. The Card Czar plays a black card and reads the question to everyone. The blank cards are fill-in-the-blank.

The other players choose from their white cards to complete the sentence. The Card Czar reads the responses and selects the funniest one. The winner keeps the black card, and everyone gets a new white card. The person with the most black cards at the end is the overall winner.

2. Higher or Lower

In this game, one player begins by draws a card before placing it on the table. Then, the next player will have to guess if the next card will be higher or lower than the one presented. If they're correct, they choose someone from the group to down their drink.

Likewise, if the cards have the same value, they also get to pick someone to drink! However, if they're wrong, they themselves will have to down their drink! Then, it's the next player's turn to guess.

3. Killer

In this game, each player will only need one card. However, it's crucial that all the cards are black, except for one red card. This will play a significant role in determining who the killer is, as the objective of the killer is to eliminate every other player without revealing their identity. The remaining players take on the role of detectives and attempt to uncover the killer's identity. Whenever someone is killed, they must take a drink.

Classy Hen Party Games

If you're planning a sophisticated hen party, there are plenty of classy games available for you and your friends to enjoy. These games cater to groups with a mix of ages, ensuring that everyone feels included and comfortable. These classy hen party games for older brides are perfect for those who prefer a more relaxed and elegant celebration for their final night of freedom.

1. Wedding Film Charades

Split the girls into two teams. Choose a person from the first team to think of a film and give them 2-3 minutes to act it out without using any words. Their team must guess the correct answer within the time limit. If they guess correctly, the team earns a point. Then, it's the next team's turn and the team with the highest score at the end wins!

2. The Great British Bite Off

Incorporating The Great British Bake Off into your hen party can be a fantastic idea. One suggestion is to give each lady a biscuit and assign them an object that they need to shape the biscuit into. In the end, the hen with the best-shaped biscuit is declared the winner.

3. Would She Rather…

Design a card with a series of statements like "Would she rather live on a boat or in a tree house?" Then, ask the girls to circle the option they think best suits the bride-to-be's preferences. It's a fun way to test who knows the bride-to-be the best!

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