Free Printable Hen Party Games

Printable Hen Party Games

If you’re on the hunt for cost-saving games for the upcoming celebrations, try using free printable hen party games. Save some pennies and print off downloadable games to keep the hens entertained.

Below, we’ve listed our favourite hen party printable games depending on your bride to be and what sort of hen do you’re hosting. All of them are easy to understand, including instructions and eye-catching templates that would make a pretty party favour or table decoration as well as a fun game.  

1. How Well Do You Know the Bride Quiz

Put all the ladies to the test to see how well they know their nearly wed pal with this quiz. Use the printable as a base for classic questions that everyone should know or add your own to give this traditional hen party game a personal twist. Make sure you do your homework before this challenge! 

2. Mr & Mrs Quiz

The nation’s most popular printable hen do game, simple gather answers from both the bride and the groom and try to guess what each said! Make sure you use the same questions for each, and even get the bride involved to see if she knows her husband to be as well as she might think. 

3. Would She Rather – Bride Edition

For a giggle with the girls, add this game into any pre-night celebration and watch your bride blush with the bridal version of this classic party game. 

4. Guess the Dress

Any artists in your group will thrive at this downloadable free printable hen party game. Simply print the silhouette of this lady, provide some pens/pencils and let the group guess what the wedding dress is going to look like. We suggest a bottle of bubbly for the closet drawing! 

5. Who Is It?

A party spin on the classic game, get in a circle and spin the bride in the middle with a blindfold on. Once she's dizzy, use hilarious voices, accents and noises to throw her off as she tries to guess whose who.

Here's a useful template of the "Who Is It" printable hen do game to get you started!

6. Cheeky Scattergories 

If you’ve played this light-hearted game before – you know the rules. The free hen party game printable includes several different wedding-related categories. All you need to do is fill in the blanks with words that start with each letter of the word “BRIDE”. 

7. Write the Vows 

Give your bestie a helping hand with her vows and write your own line or two, making it as funny or sentimental as you want. Grab a glass of wine each and read through the vows together. 

8. Over or Under 

From a list of different facts and figures about the bride and her upcoming nuptials, it’s your job to guess if the answers provided are over, under or spot on. Feeling competitive yet? 

9. Guess the Advice 

This is your chance to shower your bride with kernels of wisdom from your own life, and her job is to guess who provided which piece of expert advice.

10. Who Knows the Couple Best

Out of all the hen party games printables, this one is sure to get everyone in a competitive mood as you use your knowledge to answer questions about the couple and see how many you can get right.

11. What’s That Love Song

Feel the romance with this musical game in the form of a free printable hen party game pdf. Use the printable to make a playlist of all the love songs, play each one to your group and have them match the lyrics with the song title. 

12. Match the Movie Love Quote 

Similar to the “what’s that love song” printable hen do game, your printable will include a bunch of different romance movie quotes that you need to match to the film title – easy! 

13. Bachelorette Bingo

If you’re looking for a free printable hen party game that you can take on a hen night, this is the one for you. Familarise yourself with your bingo card before venturing out in v the wild and trying to cross off as many of the challenges as possible.

Hen Party Bingo

14. Match the Celebrity Couple 

For any pop culture wizards, this printable hen party game is a matching game between celebrity couples. See if you can match the faces in love in this light-hearted challenge. 

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